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At JUMPOUT Sports Therapy we offer sports Therapy with professional and well presented therapists

A renge of techniques are used including, but not limited to: Deep tissue work, Myofascial work, Trigger point therapy, Myofascial Cupping/ IASTM and joint adjustment. 


We are located near Tranomon station, just around the corner from Tranomon hills buildings.

Please note:

​The therapists still require all clients to wear masks at the clinic. Thank you for your co-operation. 

​conditioning,performance,treatment,brain training.


60min 10,000yen

90min 15,000yen




​Deep tissue massage


​Myofascial cupping

Myofascial cupping can provide profound benefits, particularly with asisting the body in maintaining range of motionn(ROM), eliminating Myofascial trigger points and reducing restrictive and sometimes painful fascial adhesions, commonly found from repetitive movement originating from sports and the workplace.  


​Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization

​                                  IASTM


 Treatment room


​Instruments effectively break down fascial restrictions and scar tissue. IASTM is effective, treat muscle shortening, neural tension, chronic inflammation, tissue fibrosis, or degeneration.  


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